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DIN Rail Roll Forming Machine

DIN rail roll forming machine for producing top hat rails, C sections rails and G-type rails. The DIN rails are widely used for mounting circuit breakers and other electrical equipment. Main applicable material are cold rolled carben steel coils, galvanized steel coils, stainless coils with 1.0-1.5mm thickness.

Main Components of A DIN Rail Roll Forming Machine

This Din Rail Roll Forming Mill is to produce top hat rails, the whole production line is mainly consisted of below parts:

  1. 3 Ton Decoiler and Leveller
  2. Servo Feeder and Punching Device
  3. Main Roll Forming Unit
  4. Straightener and Servo Tracking Cutting Device
  5. Electric Control Cabinet and Hydraulic Station
  6. Auto Stacker

DIN Rail Rollformer Work Flow and Work Process

DIN Rail Roll Forming Machine

Work Flow: uncoiling –> levelling –> punching –> servo feeding –> guiding –> roll forming –> cutting –> stacking

Technical Parameters

Uncoiler & Leveller (Integrated design of uncoiler and leveller)
1. Uncoiler capacity: 3 Ton
2. Uncoiler coil width: Max 200 mm
3. Material thickness: Max 2.0 mm
4. Uncoiling type: hydraulically tension and expension, electrically unwinding
5. Leveller type: 7-roller design, up 3 rollers and down 4 rollers
6. Speed of levelling: 0-15m/min, match the line speed

Hydraulic Punching Unit
1. Punching type: hydraulic punching, mounted with limited switch to ensure the speed of the punch matches roll forming machine
2. Power for punching: 11kw
3. Material of punching mold: CR 12 MOV or SKD 11, HRC 58-62

Roll Forming Unit
1. Forming Stages: 14 stages for top hat section, 14 stages for c section and 16 stages for g type
2. Power for roll forming: 7.5kw
3. Drive: electrically chain diven or gear box drive
4. Control system: automatic PLC control system
5. Cutting: stop cutting or servo motor tracking and cutting
6. Hydraulic station power: 11kw with accumulator
7. Shaft: 42 CR, 80 mm diamteter, HB 220-260, polish
8. Bearing: SKF or as designated brand

Besides the top hat rails, C section rails and G-type rails are also popular as the mounting holder for electrical equipment. BELIEVE INDUSTRY COMPANY also has DIN rail roll forming machine solutions for C section rails and G-type rails according to customers’ requirement.

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