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Standing Seam Roll Forming Machine is a whole line to produce Standing Seam Panels Automatically. And te whole line is consist of Uncoiler, Roll Forming Unit, Cutoff Unit. Controlled System, etc. 

Standing Seam Roll Forming Machine

What’s Standing Seam Roof System?

Standing Seam Roof System is a new advanced roof system which can be seamed each other through ribbed metal plates. The materials are usual aluminum magnesium manganese alloy plate, can also be aluminum-zinc plate. Our stand seaming machine is able to a width of 300-600 standing seam panels.

The main structural forms are as follows. First, the T-type fixed stand (usually made of aluminum alloy) is fixed on the main structural purlin. And then the Standing Seam Panel is fastened to the head of the fixed stand. Finally. And the workers can use the automatic seam machine or manual seamed tool to seam the edge of the standing seam panel together. Vertical locking system is a newly developed waterproofing technology. Which has the characteristics of advanced fixed mode, free expansion of temperature deformation, good wind pressure resistance, good corrosion resistance and flexible field production mode. And which ensures its tight waterproof function. And because the plate rib is upright, the drainage section is larger than the ordinary board, it can guarantee the waterproofing performance of the roof slab under the condition of transverse tilt So it is an advanced roof waterproof system, and has excellent waterproof performance.

In conclusion, Standing Seam Roof Panels is more and more famous for steel buildings. Easy to assemble, long time use, etc. 

M/C of  Standing Seam Roll Forming Machine System

  1. 5 Ton Automatic Uncoiler
  2. Straight and Tapered Slitting Machine
  3. Roll Forming Machine with auxiliary rollers for tapered panel
  4. Cutoff blade
  5. Curving Machine
  6. Automatic Seam Machine

Brief Specifications

  1. Suitable Material: Aluminum, PPGI, GI
  2. Thickness: 0.3-0.8mm
  3. Width: 400-800 mm
  4. Roll Forming Speed: 12-20 m/min
  5. Main Motor Power: 7.5KW
  6. Hydraulic Motor Power: 5.5KW
  7. Rollers Material: ASTM 1045, quenched and tempered
  8. Shaft Material: ASTM 1045, 75mm Diameter
  9. Forming Stands: 18
  10. Cutter Blade Material: CR12

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Photos of Standing Seamming Roll Former:

stand seaming machinestanding seam machine

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