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Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine Price

    Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine Price is based on the design of the Roofing Sheet you want to produce. The Machine Components of the line you choose. and also the speed of the line you prefer.

    What Influence The Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine Price 

    As we know that, Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine is consist of Uncoiler, Roll Forming Mill, Cutoff Blades, Hydraulic Stations, Controlled Box and Collection Table or Auto Stacker. The different designs of above machine components will influence the roofing sheet roll forming machine price. Here we will talk the details:


    Believe Industry have two main types of Uncoiler for Roofing Sheet Machine

    • Hydraulic Uncoiler, which capacity is 5 Ton, 8 Ton, 10 Ton. Only few customer require 15 Ton uncoiler. This uncoiler adopt hydraulic pump to expansion and electric uncoiling. A coil car is an option for load the coil into the Uncoiler
    • Passive Uncoiler, which capacity is only around 5 Ton. Manual expansion and passive uncoiling. price is only 5% of a 5 Ton Hydraulic Uncoiler

    Roll Forming Mill

    The Roll Forming Mill is the main part of the whole line. different design of mill will effect the roofing sheet roll forming machine price deeply:

    Roll Forming Stands

    1. Siding Wall Structure. A classic design, strong and economic.
    2. Chromed Guide Stands. Good surface
    3. Iron Cast Arch Stands. Quality design and stronger.

    Transmission Systems:

    1. Chain: which is economic and widely used in roofing sheet roll forming machine industry.
    2. Gear: Less use, expensive than chain, and need a good maintainance.
    3. Gear Box: As for roofing sheet roll forming machine is lower capacity, so gear box transmission use less.

    Rollers Material

    1. ASTM 1045
    2. GCR 15
    3. CR 12

    Some user choose double layer roll forming machine to reduce the roofing sheet roll forming machine price. and also save factory space.

    Cutoff Blade

    Normally. Believe Industry only have one design for cutoff device design. which is more precision and good surface.

    Controlled Cabinet(BOX)

    The different brands of the components of Controlled Cabinet influence the prices

    1. PLC Brand: Panasonic, Siemens. Mitsubishi.
    2. Frequency Converter: Yaskawa, Toshiba, Siemens
    3. Touch Screen: MCGS, Siemens
    4. Schneider electric components or Zhengtai.

    Normally, Believe Industry adopt Panasonic PLC as the main controlled panel.

    Collection Table or Auto Stacker

    A simple collection table is manual and cheaper. Believe Industry also have auto stacker for automatically load the sheet after cutting and stack it. 6 meter length and 12 meters length for choosing.

    Contact us for more details about roofing sheet roll forming machines and related machines.



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