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Corrugated Roof Sheet Roll Forming Machine


Corrugated Roof Sheet Roll Forming machine

Corrugated Roof Sheet Roll Forming Machine is for producing various width of Corrugated Roof Sheets as desired length and width without any adjustment.

Profile Drawings of Corrugated Sheets

Corrugated sheets

Machine Layout

layout of corrugaed sheet roll forming machine

The layout of corrugated sheet roll forming machine is : Uncoiling–Roll Forming–Cutting–Colllecting–Packing

Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine Components

  1. 5 Ton Uncoiler
  2. Roll Forming Mill
  3. Cutoff Unit
  4. Controlled Box
  5. Hydraulic Station
  6. Collecting Table

Brief Introduction of Corrugated Sheet Machine

5 Ton Manual Uncoiler

  1. Maximum capacity 4 Ton
  2. D:508mm O.D:1350mm
  3. Maximum width: 1250mm
  4. Manual expansion and tighten the coil
  5. Structure:Steel plate and Beam Welded
  6. supporting and uncoiling the steel strips.

Roll Forming Machine

  1. Machine base frame adopt H beam and 20 mm steel plate welded
  2. Roll station: 22 forming stations( subject to the final design)
  3. Roller material:45#(ASTM 1045) steel chrome plated surface with hardness 58-62 degree ,CNC,
  4. Shaft diameter: ¢80mm, 45#(ASTM1045) steel
  5. All spacers surface are chromed, thickness is 25mm
  6. Main motor power:7.5KW
  7. Transmission: 1.0 inch chain
  8. To avoid accidents,all of drive part adopt protect cover
  9. Line speed: Max. 15m/min, not include cutting.
  10. To avoid accidents,all of drive part adopt protect cover 

Cutting Device

  1. Cutting type: Hydraulic, connect with the punching hydraulic unit
  2. Material of blade:Cr12 with heat treatment 58-62
  3. Length measuring: Automatic encoder length measuring, brand: Omron
  4. Tolerance of length: +/- 1.5mm each piece end product

Hydraulic station with cooling fan

  1. Hydraulic power: 4 KW
  2. Working pressure: 12-16Mpa adjustable
  3. Hydraulic oil: 46# hydraulic oil
  4. Solenoid valve: 2 groups

Output table

  1. Table for reception of the cut profiles: With roller transporter allowing to unload the cut profile freely
  2. Unloading of the finished products from the table of cut profiles: Manual
  3. Frame: Welding by tube
  4. Size: About 2.0m long*0.6mwide*0.9mhigh
  5. One out table with few support roller (base on final design)
  6. Supporter roller: ASTM 1045 with chrome
  7. Diameter of rollers: 55mm
  8. Color: Blue or base on customer request
  9. Quantity: 2 units

Control System

  1. Automatic stopping of the corrugated sheet cold roll forming machine after completion of the cutting program
  2. Operating system language: English and Chinese.
  3. Voltage, frequency, phase: 415V, 50 HZ, 3Phase
  4. Length inaccuracy can be amended easily.
  5. Control panel: Button-type switch and touch screen(MCGS)
  6. Unit of length: Millimeter (switched on the control panel)
  7. PLC brand: Panasonic
  8. Frequency converter brand: Yaskawa
  9. Omron encoder
  10. Main electric components: Schneider
  11. Adopt aviation connect plugs for easy connect the wires

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Weight 85000 kg
Dimensions 9500 × 1500 × 1500 mm

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