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Purlin Machine, Purline Roll Former


Purlin Roll Forming Machine is for produce purlins as the desired measurements and length.

Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Purlins Classification.

In steel construction, the term purlin typically refers to roof framing members that span parallel to the building eave, and support the roof decking or sheeting. The purlins are in turn supported by rafters or walls. Purlins are most commonly used in Metal Building Systems.

Channel sections with flange stiffeners, are usually referenced as C shape purlins. Channel sections without flange stiffeners are also referenced as U shape purlins. Point symmetric sections that are shaped similar to the letter Z are referenced as Z shape purlins. For different usage, there also have M Purlins or Omega Purlins

Purlin Machine Series

Believe Industry Company have a full range and the latest design of purlin roll forming machines. which can be classified as below:

  1. C/U/M Purlin Roll Forming Machines
  2. Z Purlin Roll Forming Machines
  3. C/Z Purlin Interchangeable Roll Forming Machine

C/U/M Purlin Roll Forming Machines

Considering C Purlin without the lips is U Purlin. So the machine can produce both c and u purlin without any adjustment. And the M Purlin is similar to C Purlin. Only need some additional rollers for the middle rib.  And Believe Industry Company have 2 design of roll forming machines for C/U Purlin.

Normal Design C/U/M Purlin Machine

The machine is able to produce c and u purlins with the web size is from 80-300mm, flange size from 40 to 80mm, and the thickness from 1.5-3.5mm. But the buyer should adjust the rollers and replace the cutting blade for different sizes of purlins

c purlin roll former
Quick Adjustable C Purlin Machine

The quick adjustable c purlin machine have the same ability to produce c and u purlins. but the operator just need input the desired sizes of purlins they want to produce, the machine will adjust whole automatically.

C/u/M Purlin Machine

Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Same as c purlin machine, Z Purlin Machine also have 2 designs, one is manual adjustable, one is automatically adjustable. I won’t go into details here.

z purlin machine

C and Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

The c and z purlin machine is able to produce all the purlins as mentioned. If you want to produce z purlin instead of c purlin. only need rotate one side of roller up and down. and the width adjustment is whole automatic.

c z purlin roll forming machine
c and z purlin roll forming machine to produce both c and z purlins without change the rollers

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