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C Purlin Roll Forming Machine is used to produce C Purlins. Which webs width is 75-350mm, flange width is 35-80mm, thickness is 1.5-5mm.

Introduction of C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

What’s C Purlin?

Purlin, is a horizontal beam along the length of roof, resting on principles and supporting the common rafters and sheets. C purlin is a C shaped purlin which is widely used in steel structure. which is produced by cold C Purlin Roll Forming Machine.

Kinds of C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Presently, BELI® have developed series kinds of C Purlin Forming Machine for different requirements such as :

  • Manual adjust roll forming machine for c purlin, manual adjust the spacer, change the cutting blade, to change the sizes of C Purlin
  • Pre-Cutting C Purlin Roll Forming Machine with manual adjust spacers. Only need adjust the spacers, but the ends of C purlin will be a bit deformed( For a roll forming machine, if no choice, we don’t recommend a pre-cutting design
  •  Multifunctional Cutting C Purlins Roll Forming Machine with manual adjust spacer design, same as the second design, and cutting ends will be good.
  • Quick interchange C Purlin Roll Forming Machine with multifunctional cutting, Automatically adjust the sizes of C purlin, and easy to adjust the cutting blade. 2 minuter changeover time.

We also have another design. contact us for more information.

C Purlin Roll Forming Machine
Multifunctional Cutting C Purlin Roll Forming Machine for 5.5mm thickness c purlin which width is up to 350mm

Machine Components of Standard C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

  • Simple single arm uncoiler, capacity: 3 Ton. An automatic( electric uncoiling, hydraulic expansion)  uncoiler is an option
  • Roll Forming Machine, the mill stands can be: Siding Panel, Chromed Stands. Cast Iron Cassette. main motor power is 15KW or more.
  • Straightening Device  for ensuring the C Purlin be straight
  • Punch Holes Device ( Now believe industry have the latest technology of punch device design)
  • Cutting Device: Multifunctional or simple
  • PLC Controlled System, Set all the desired data on the touch screen
  • Collection Table(Auto stacker is an option)

Contact us for more information about z purlin roll forming machine and c z purlin roll forming machine.

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