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Z  Purlin Roll Forming Machine is used to produce Z Purlins, which webs width is 80-350mm, flange width is 35-80mm, thickness is 1.5-5mm.

Introduction of Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

What’s Z Purlin?

Z Purlin,  which point symmetric sections that are shaped similar to the letter “Z” are referenced as Z shapes. Which is also widely used in metal building system. Believe Industry( BELI®) have series kinds of Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine for all demands

M/C of Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Similar like to C Purlin Roll Forming Machine. Z Purlin Roll Forming Machines is a compete line for producing Z Purlin as desired measurements and length.  and M/C as below:

  1. Uncoiler, load the coil strips
  2. Punch Hole or Slot Device.
  3. Z Purlin Roll Forming Mill, which can produce the Zed Purlin in different web sizes(80-350mm) and flange sizes(40-80mm)
  4. Cut Off Device, Cut the Z Purlin in desired length
  5. Controlled System. All operations are on the touch screen and button
  6. Hydraulic Station, power supply for punching and cutting
  7. Collection Table

Different Designs of Various Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Traditional design: Manual adjust the spacers and replace the cutoff blade. the changeover time is around 3 hours

z purlin roll forming machine
Normal design z purlin roll forming machine, manual adjust and change cutoff blade

Pre-Cutoff design: Manual adjust the spacers. no need replace the cut off blade. The changeover time is around 2.5 hours. but the ends of Z Purlin will be a bit deformed

z purlin machine roll forming
Pre-cutoff design z purlin roll forming machine layout

Quick interchange design: Automatic adjust the web sizes and flange size by input the desired data on the touch screen, the machine will be automatically adjust and adopt Multifunctional Cutoff.  The Changeover Time is only 2 minutes.

Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine layout
Quick interchangeable Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine, latest technology.

Brief introduction of Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

  1. Traditional measurements of Z Purlin: 100-350 mm web, 40-80 mm flange, 10-15 mm lip, thickness is 1.5-3.5mm
  2. 9 rollers leveler machine
  3. Rollers Material: GCR 15, quenched and tempered, chromed 0.05mm thickness
  4. Roller stands: 16-22
  5. Main Motor Power: 22 KW
  6. Hydraulic Power: 15 KW
  7. Cutoff blade and punch mould material: CR12
  8. Siemens PLC, Yaskawa Inverter, Omron Encoder, Siemens Touch Screen.

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