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Roll Forming Machine Malaysia, Roll Forming Machines for Malaysia

    Last month, we received 1 order for 4 machines for roller up door for Malaysia customer ( Roll Forming Machine Malaysia) , which all the machines are customized.

    Roll Forming Machine Malaysia

    The Malaysia customer have visited 6 more factories of roll forming machine, And choose us as the last supplier for all the machines.

    About the Malaysia Company

    L***n Roller Shutter Sdn. Bhd was formerly known as Lipo Iron Works and was incorporated on 1 st August 1975. The Company’s production and operation was formerly operating at Kampung Baru Rahang, Seremban, in the state of Negeri Sembilan. Lipo Iron Works has over 28 years of experience in the manufacturing of steel metal related works and metal engineering works

    And in 2003, it is engaged in design and manufacturing various types of roller shutters, steel doors, and sales of parts and material related to roller shutters.

    Main Products and Service:

    •  Light & Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel Shutters.
    •  Light & Heavy Duty Colourbond Steel Shutters.
    •  Light & Heavy Duty Natural Arnodised / Medium Bronze Aluminium Shutters.
    •  2 – 4 Hours Fire Rated Shutters
    •  Transparent Polycarbonate Roller Shutters.
    •  Light & Heavy Duty Powder Coated See-Thru Shutters.
    •  Mild Steel Doors.
    •  Metal Works .
    •  Steel Structure.
    •  Manufacturing Roller Shutter Part & Accessories.
    •  And others steel and metal related works.

    The Roll Forming Machine Malaysia

    The Machine we supply:

    1. Bottom Bar Roll Forming Machine Line
    2. Narrow Guide Track Roll Forming Machine
    3. Wide Guide Track Roll Forming Machine
    4. Roller Shutter Panel Roll Forming Machine

    You can contact us for more information regarding the machine.

    Believe Industry

    Believe Industry Company also supply others machines for steel doors, such as:

    1. Door Panel Roll Forming Machine
    2. Metal Embossing Machine Line
    3. Rolling Shutter Slat Roll Forming Machine
    4. Door Frame Roll Forming Machine

    Besides of door components of roll forming machines, we also have groups of roll formers for steel roofings, light gauge structures, warehouse storging systems, cable trays, etc.

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