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Widespan Roof Sheeting Roll Forming Machine is designed to produce Widespan Roofing Sheets. Which is widely used in South African

Widespan Roof Sheeting Roll Forming Machine

What’s Widespan?

Widespan is a box profile which is similar to IBR Roofing Sheeting. Using the same input width coil, it have a better cover width than a IBR roofing sheet. It is more economical alternative than IBR Roofing Sheeting.

With the effective cover width of 762mm, it covers 76mm more than 686 IBR roofing sheeting. Even though Widespan covers the same width as a 762 corrugated sheets. it has much better spanning capabilities and can be used at much lower roof slopes than corrugated sheets. also give a completely different aesthetical look.

widespan roof sheeting

Widespan roof sheeting has various applications from industrial and residential roof covering ti side cladding for factories and warehouses. Widespan is also popular solution carports and sheets due to its economical and aesthetical properties.

The coils for Widespan Roofing sheet are Galvanized, Zinc, PPGI, etc. The thickness is from 0.2-0.8 and full hard material.

Layout of Widepan Roof Sheeting Roll Forming Machine

widespan roof sheeting roll forming machine
Uncoiling–Feeding and Guiding–Roll Forming-Cutting Off–Collecting

Machine Components and Specifications

5 Ton Manual Uncoiler
The uncoiler is for uncoiling the coils into the roll forming machine

5 Ton Passive Uncoiler

  1. C bean and steel plate welded
  2. Loading Capacity: 5 Ton
  3. Coil width range: 300-1000mm
  4. Inner Diameter: 460-520mm(customized)
  5. Outer Diameter: 1500mm
  6. Manual tension and loosen, passive uncoiling.

Roll Forming Machine

  1. Adopt H Beam and Steel Plate Welded, the wall plate thickness is 25mm.
  2. Coil width: 914-925mm
  3. Forming Stands: 18
  4. Roller Material: ASTM 1045, quenched and chromed 0.05mm thickness
  5. Shaft Material: ASTM 1045, quenched, solid round steel, diameter is 80mm
  6. Main Motor Power: 7.5KW
  7. Power Transition: Chain and Gear
  8. Roll Forming Speed: 15m / min
  9. The machine will cover safety net.
widespan roof roll forming machine
The main part of widespan roof sheeting roll forming machine, quality design

Hydraulic Cutoff Device

  1. Material Of Cutting Mold: Cr12 Steel With Quenched Treatment HRC 60-62
  2. Cutting Length And Quantity: Workers Can Set The Length and Quantity on the PLC Touch Screen
  3. Hydraulic Station Power: 5.5 KW
  4. Tolerance Of Cutting Length: +/-2mm

Control System

guardrail machine controlled cabinet
  1. The Worker can input the length and quantity of the product through touch screen, total 20 groups, the touch
  2. Computer Control System: Panasonic PLC
  3. Touch Screen: Siemens or MCGS( Chinese Brand)
  4. Frequency inverter: Yaskawa
  5. Encoder: Omron Brand
  6. Limit switch: Omron
  7. Controlled System Power: Overload Protection
  8. Current: 415 V Direct Current, 50Hz, 3 Phase
  9. Adopt aviation plug for easy connecting the wires
  10. Two languages for operating

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