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multibeam roll forming machine

Multibeam Roll Forming Machine is for producing series sizes of multi beams as per requirements.

Multibeam Roll Forming Machine

What’s Multibeam?

Multibeam is a range of purlin and cladding rail systems that
are suitable for all types of modern roof construction with
bay sizes up to 15m. And Multichannel is a range of pre-engineered, structural channel sections designed to complement the Multibeam purlin and rail systems.


  1. With simple connections and economical sections, Eaves Beam is compatible with all types of cladding in modern roof construction. And The unique sigma shape is non-handed
    making it the most versatile purlin on the market today.
  2. Multibeam purlin and rail system typically require fewer components than other systems. This means quicker assembly and faster project completion. In addition multichannel can be used for a myriad of applications such as horizontally laid cladding rails, gable posts, door and window trimmers and floor joists.

Profile drawings and Dimensions of Multibeams

multibeam drawing
multibeam holes details

Material Details

Hot dip galvanised steel to BS EN 10346 and BS EN 10143 specifications for continuously hot dip zinc /metal coated
structural steel strip’. The minimum grade of steel used is S450GD, with Z275 zinc coating, giving an average coating
thickness of 0.02mm to each side. Other coatings maybe available (G600 / Magnelis)

Specifications of Multibeam Roll Forming Machine

Fully automatic, PLC operated roll forming machine for different purlins, such as U, C, Z, and SIGMA. According to the requirements, coils with the width up to 750 mm and thickness can be up to 4.5mm. The width adjustment of the rollers for different profiling of purlins with various widths proceeds infinitely, using just one roll-forming unit. Cassette type design implies the production of different profile forms by changing the cassettes with their different roll-forming units. Through the integrated flying punching machine required assembly holes can be made during the production process

Multibeam Machine Components

  1. Hydraulic Single Arm Uncoiler
  2. Leveler
  3. Servo Feeder and Punch Holes Device
  4. Feeder and Guider
  5. Roll Former
  6. Cutoff Unit
  7. Controlled Box
  8. Hydraulic Station
  9. Collection Table

Layout of the Multibeam Beam Roll Forming Machine

multibeam roll forming machine layout

Brief Introduction of Multibeam Roll Forming Line

  1. Uncoiler Capacity: 10 Ton.
  2. Profile Types: U, C, Z, Sigma
  3. Product Length: no limit
  4. Profile Width: 100-450mm
  5. Purlins Thickness: 1.5-3.2mm
  6. Roll Forming Stands: 28
  7. Main Motor Power: 37KW
  8. Hydraulic Motor Power: 22KW

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