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Roll Forming Machine Mill-Side Roll

    Roll Forming Mill Side Roll

    The History of Side Rolls

    In the early applications, Roll Forming Machine is based on the mail roll forming rollers. And if the output product is unsatisfied, then the designer will add some side roll installed to solve the problem. Because of the limitation of time and financial, many of the side rolls consist of only pairs of cam rolls which is fastened to welded frames.
    Of course, it is workable but difficult to set up and adjust them.

    The Advantage of Side Rolls

    The side roll is also the main part of roll forming mill. and the advantages as below:

    1. The shafts of the side rolls can be orientated at any angle, not only horizontal as the mail roll forming rollers
    2. Side rolls are not driven, so they are less to damage the surface of the product
    3. The side rolls are good for forming the edges of the products.

    Some design of Side Rolls

    Simple Side Rolls

    roll forming mill side roll

    Simple side roll is used to form some angle instead of main roll forming rollers.

    Special Edge Side Rolls

    The shafts of the side roll stands can be supported at both ends. There can be several shafts with rolls installed to form the special edge which is a bit difficult with the main rollers.

    roll forming mill edge side roll

    Special Edge Side roll is easy to form the edges in different angle. and easy to adjust

    Duplex Side Rolls

    There are 2 side rolls installed in one structure. which is for forming the edges and also guiding the coils in a right direction.

    roll forming mill duplex side roll

    Duplex Side Roll is for guiding the coil in a right direction

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