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Light Gauge Slitting Line, which is used to slitting the coils/rolls(Thickness is 0.2-4mm, width: 500-2000mm, weight is 55-25 Ton)  into desired narrow coils/rolls,

Light Gauge Slitting Line

Usually, light gauge slitting line is high precision and speed is up to 120m/min or more. this line widely used in steel roofing factory, light steel structure frame house factory. also steel pipe factory. BELI® is engaged to design and manufacturer full range slitting line for all the demands.

What’s the types of light gauge slitting line machine?
Model Thickness(mm) Coil Width(mm) Slitting No. Speed(m/min) Coil Weight(ton)
BELI-1*1000 0.3-2 150-1000 10-30 0-120 5-10
BELI-2*1300 0.3-2 500-1300 10-30 0-120 10-15
BELI-2*1600 0.3-2 600-1600 10-30 0-120 15-20
BELI-3*1600 0.4-3 600-1600 8-30 0-120 15-20
BELI-4*1600 0.5-4 600-1600 6-25 0-120 15-20
BELI-4*2000 0.5-4 600-2000 6-25 0-100 15-25
Machine Components of Light Gauge Slitting Line machine
  1. Coil loading car
  2. Hydraulic decoiler
  3. Coil entry leading, pressing and shoveling device
  4. Pinch roll feeding and 5-roller straightening device(customized)
  5. Conveying roller table(customized)
  6. Guiding device
  7. Slitting device
  8. Scrap winding device
  9. Looping pit bridge table
  10. Strips pre-dividing and 5-roller straightening and tension device
  11. Dividing and recoiling device
  12. Coil unloading car
  13. Hydraulic system
  14. Electric system



Q: If i want to buy a slitting line, what’s the information you need know from us?

A: The material details of the mother coil/roll, such as: Thickness, strength, material( HR, CR, SS, PPGI, Gi, etc), width, sliiting number, the min.width of the strips you want to slit.

Q: After I purchase the line, when i will have the layout?

A: Within 2 weeks, and we will confirm with you about the layout, but first you should share your factory floor drawing, electric supply, air supply details.

Q: How long the manufacturing time?

A: 120 days after receive the deposit

Q: Is it possible to have a line for the thickness from 0.2-6mm?

A: Impossible, and not recommended, we design the line according to the big demand, all the m/c are refer to the big one, such as” 0.2-6″, the line slit the 6mm thickness is ok, but while slit the 0.2mm thickness, the precision would be perfect as expected.


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