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Roll Forming Equipment

    Roll Forming Equipment is for produce steel profiles as desired drawings with suitable coil strips thickness.

    Roll Forming Equipment

    Cold Roll Forming Equipment is a whole line with Uncoiler, Roll Forming mill, Cutoff Device, Controlled Box.

    What’s Coil Roll Forming

    roll forming equipment

    Roll Forming Equipment can form the steel profile continuously

    Roll Forming equipment is a continuous process. When the coil strips pass though the Forming Rollers, with the rotary of the roller, the coil strips will moves forward, and bent continuously at the same time. Thus obtaining the desired section.

    The coil strips begin to bend at the entrance of the first stands( Group of rollers). And moves forward to the second stands. third stands, etc.


    Characteristics of cold-formed section steel

    Cold-formed steel can be widely used, mainly because it has the following characteristics:

    • The gradual continuous deformation is suitable for large-scale production.
    • High quality hot and cold rolled strip, through roll forming equipment. It can still maintain its excellent surface quality and accurate size.
    • Different kinds of cold-formed steel units and molding units with different process parameters provide technical guarantee for the production of products of various specifications and cross-section shapes
    • In conjunction with other processing equipment, it can be used for compound processing and production of all kinds of composite profiles.
    • Because the processing at room temperature, it can be processed with various kinds of coated strip steel, and not to destroy the coating and coating on the surface;
    • Cold roll forming equipment can produce complex sections and various kinds of thin-walled cold-formed sections which are difficult to produce by hot rolling.
    • Thus obtaining the maximum strong stiffness in the case of minimal metal consumption. In mass production, the cost of the forming roll is less than the die, but the service life is much longer than the die.

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