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Racking Shelving

Racking & Shelving

Believe Industry Company provides solutions to the Supermarket Shelving and Heavy Racking Industry. We produce a series of roll forming lines that optimize production for below products: Upright Rack Step, Box, Seamed Beams Shelving panels Supermarket Display Shelve Panel Beam Welding Machine All our machine… Read More »Racking & Shelving

metal building product 1

Metal Building Products

With 20 years of experience, Believe Industry has produced series kinds of roll forming machines for products in the metal building industry. Products include: Roof/Floor Deck Roof and Wall Panel Composite Deck Angle and Channel Purlin Stud and Track

automotive 1


Believe Industry have manufactured series kinds of roll forming machines for automotive components for over 10 years. The productes as below: Truck Beds Rockers Bumper Plates Roof Bows Seat Track Door Tracks