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Our Services

Construction and Building

In the construction industry, roll forming equipment offers creative solutions to diversify equipment capabilities. Whether consolidating HVAC components to eliminate ...

Solar Industry

Believe Industry Company provides groups pf roll forming machines for producing framing, sub-assemblies, PV mounting systems, ground posts, and more.

Pallet Racking Industry

Believe Industry’s roll forming machines provides solutions to the pallet racking industry. We produce a series of integrated roll forming ...


We have a full range of roll forming equipment from steel, aluminum, copper to make transportation product include: Rail Tracks Container Beams and Corrugated Panels Crossmembers Decorative Grill Bars Guardrails ...


Believe Industry has become adept at producing roll forming equipment and coil process equipment for products for agriculture metal buildings and posts. And the product include: Roof Deck Stud and Track ...

Customized Profiles

Believe Industry Company also accept customized profiles. Which is widely used in steel industry.  

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