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The perforated cable tray production line is a duplex and high performance production line for manufacture C section profile with allotted holes for supporting electric wiring in commercial and industrial construction.

Usually it made from middle gauge steel thickness from 0.6-2.0mm. And the width of the cable trays is from 50mm to 600mm.  

Cable Tray Production Line

The perforated cable tray roll forming machine successfully integrated hydraulic punching device or high speed press machine for radiation holes on cable tray. Also the telescope shaft is available to rapid size changeover without toll change. Pre-cutting device equipped for cut off finished products.

Cable Tray Types

cable trays production line
Types of cable trays

Technical Parameters of Cable Tray Line

Cable Tray Roll Forming Line Parameters

1Yield Strength of the materialMPA235-400
2Thickness of the coilmm1.0-2.0
3Width of the cable traysmm50-600
4Roll forming speedm/min10-15
5Driven Type Gear Box
6Total PowerKW75
7Space Requiredm55*4*3.5

Machine Components

  1. Material width:860mm
  2. Material weight:6000kg
  3. Material inner diameter:508mm
  4. Material outer diameter:1200mm
  5. Drive power: electric motor and speed reducer integration, 4KW frequency conversion electric motor
  6. Frame type: cantilever inner support, manual handle after body, pneumatic press cantilever.
  7. Cable Tray Production Line also can use a manual uncoiler for reduce the total cost.
  1. Working rolls: 11 rolls, up 4/down 5, the residual 2 rolls is clamp deliver rolls.
  2. Flatting bound: material thickness 12mm, material width 1000mm
  3. Drive power: 5.5kw frequency conversion electric motor
  4. Speed reducer model: ZQ250
  5. flatting speed:10 m/min
  6. Parenthesis up and down a pair of fortified wheel 
Servo Feeder and Punch Press
  1. Feeding type: Servo feeding
  2. Width of the material: 0-200mm
  3. Thickness of the material: 0-3.2mm
  4. Feeding Power: 3KW
  5. Feeding line height: 70-140mm
  6. Max line speed: 200m/min
  7. Model: APA-110
  8. Capacity: 110 Ton
  9. Stroke per minute : 60-90 s.p.m, and 50 s.p.m fixed
  10. Stroke: 80
  11. Die height: 410mm
  12. Slide adjustment: 80mm
  13. Main motor: 11KW*4
  14. Bolster area: 1150mm*600*110
  15. Die cushion capacity: 6.3 Ton
  16. Die cushion Stroke: 80mm
  17. Upper platform: 650*470*80
  18. Bottom platform: 900*600*110
Cable Tray Roll Former Mill
  1. Forming frame: 22 sets
  2. Material max width:1100mm
  3. Material max thickness:≤2.0mm
  4. Forming width: 75-1000mm
  5. Forming height: 50-100mm
  6. The diameter of the roller axis: 85mm
  7. Rollers material: Gcr15,quenching treatment:HRC58-62°
  8. Drive type:30kw frequency conversion electromotor, ZQ500 Main speed  reducer
Controlled System
  1.  Adopts PLC control technology, frequency adjust speed technology, realize the automatic production.
  2. The worker can set the batches, length, and quantity on the touch screen, then the cable tray roll forming machine will work automatically.
  3. Operation type: Touching screen and Button
  4.  Using encoder to calculate the number and measuring the length
  5. Electrical control: PLC frequency control system with touch screen
  6. PLC: Panasonic Brand or Siemens
  7. Encoder: Omron Brand
  8. Touch Screen: MCGS or Siemens
  9. Inverter: Yaskawa
  10. Adopt aviation plug for easy connect the wiring

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