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Steel Silo Roll Forming Machine is for producing silo wall panels which is corrugated and curved. Believe Industry have a full range machine for steel silos.

Steel Silo Roll Forming Machine

A steel silo is a structure for storaging bulk materials. Steel Silos are used in agriculture to store grain or fermented feed known as silage.

Believe Industry Company have a whole range of roll forming machines for Steel Silo. Such as Grain Steel Silo Corrugated Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine, Steel Silo Post Roll Forming Machine.

Profile Drawing of Steel Silo Corrugated Wall Panel

Steel Silo Drawing

Layout of Steel Silo Roll Former Machine

Steel Silo Roll Forming Machine layout

The Steel Silo Machine Layout: Uncoiling– Feeding and Guiding– Pre-cutting– Roll Forming– Punching Holes– Curving– Cutting

Machine Components and Technical Parameters

Double Bevel-type Hydraulic Uncoiler

  1. Left and right double bevel-type design, automatic centering.
  2. Hydraulic loosen and tight, electric uncoiling
  3. Pressure head to press the coil outer diameter, in case the coil loosening
  4. Hydraulic up and town coil car, easy to change coils
  5. I.D of coil: 508mm-610mm, O.D:1500mm
  6. Maximum capacity: 15Ton
  7. Hydraulic power: 3KW
  8. Uncoiling Power: 5.5KW, Car move Power: 3KW
double bevel uncoiler

Feeding and Guiding Device

Feeding and Guiding Device

1.Adjustable center of the forming rollers and of sufficient length to prevent lateral movement of the strip on its entry to Leveling device
2.Feeding type: Adjustable
3.Feeding width range:800-1250mm
4.Entrance and guide roller: Diameter is ¢65mm, material is 40CR, HRC48-52° surface with chrome
5.Leveling roller: Upper is 2 rollers, down is 3 stations
6.Leveling roller material:40CR thermal treatment hardness 48-52 HRC.
7.Leveling rollers diameter: 120mm
8.Motor Power: 11 KW

Pre-Cutting Device

  1. Cutting Width: not more than 1250mm*2mm
  2. Gantry type structure, hydraulic cutting
  3. Hydraulic power: 5.5KW
  4. Cutting die material: CR12
Pre-cutting device

Steel Silo Machine Roll Forming Mill

  1. Machine Structure adopt Iron Cast Stands, more stronger
  2. Thickness range: 1.0-2.0mm
  3. Roll station: 18 -20
  4. Roller material:GCR15 chrome plated surface with hardness 58-62 degree ,CNC,
  5. Shaft diameter: ¢100mm, 40 CR quenched
  6. Main motor power: 45KW, China famous brand: Haitian
  7. Transmission: Gear box, universal joint.
  8. Main reduction box: adopt K series
  9. Machine base frame adopt H beam welding steel
  10. To avoid accidents,all of drive part adopt protect cover
    steel silo roll forming mill

Punch Holes Device 

  1. Gantry structure, easy to adjust the width easy to adjust the holes position and replace the die
  2. Base on customer provide punching drawing, this machine need adopt two uni
  3. steel silo roll forming punch holes
    ts hydraulic punching system
  4. The punches will be connected to a single hydraulic unit having tank, motor, pump, pressure control valves, pressure gauges, solenoid valves, hydraulic hoses, all designed to operate safely at the required operating
    pressure; also to facilitate changing O-ring they must be of standard size, also consider suitable cooling unit
  5. The dies will be SKH51 or DC53, HRC 58-62
  6. The whole punching operation should be automated and controlled by a program installed in the PC which is located in the operator’s console.
  7. 6 pieces of pumps, diameter is 280mm
  8. While upper punch mould( head) in the upper position, the device will be automatic locked, in case the mould down.
  9. Adopt whole punch holes device, 2 steps, first side, then middle
  10. The punch device also suitable for 1000mm device, easy to adjust

Online Curving Device

  1. Adopt 4 rollers mechanical horizontal type structure
  2. Online continue curving, to avoid the ends of the corrugated sheet be perfect
  3. Curving radius: not less than 0.95m
  4. Adjust radius: automatic adjust by PLC controlled system, servo motor driver power: 2.2KW
  5. The Steel Silo Machine also can adopt separate curving device for reduce the total costs.
steel silo roll former machine curving machine

Hydraulic Cutting Device

  1. Cutting type: Hydraulic, connect with the punching hydraulic unit
  2. Material of blade:Cr12 with heat treatment 58-62
  3. Length measuring: Automatic encoder length measuring, brand: Omron
  4. Tolerance of length: +/- 1.5mm each piece end product
  5. Cutting will be synchronous with the first punch hole motion
  6. The shearing inclination angle can be adjusted according to the curvature radius of corrugated wall panel
steel silo machine cutting device

Collection Table 

Designed for collected the curved corrugated sheets after cutting from the Steel Silo Roll Forming Machine.

Steel silo roll forming machine collection table

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