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Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine is for producing cable trays with pre-punched holes. The width of the cable trays is various.

What’s Cable Tray?

Cable Tray System is used to support insulated cables or wiring for power control, communication and distribution.

In the commercial and industrial construction, cable tray is widely used as an alternative to open wiring or cables conduit system. And they are very useful in situation where changes to a cable system are expected.  Because new cables can be installed by laying them in the tray, instead of pulling them through a pipe.

Types Of Cable Tray

  • Solid bottom cable tray
  • Ventilated cable tray
  • Ladder Tray
  • Cable tray cover
  • Channel cable tray

Nowadays, A Cable Tray Roll Former can produce both solid and ventilated cable trays, and also the cable tray cover.

Cable Tray Material

  • Galvanized Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum

Use what material is based on where it will be used, Galvanized tray may be made of pre-galvanized steel sheet fabricated into tray. Or may be hot-dip galvanized after fabrication. When galvanized tray is cut to length in the field. And usually the cut surface will be painted with a zinc-rich compound to protect the metal from corrosion.

Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine Specifications

The whole line is consist of Uncoiler, Leveler, Servo Feeder and Punch Press, Roll Former, Cutoff Unit, Controlled Box, Collection Table.

Cable tray roll forming machine layout
Electric Uncoiling–  leveling– Servo Feeding and Punching– Guiding–Roll Forming– Straightening– Tracking Cutting– Collecting.

Main Technical Parameters of Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

3 Ton Electric Uncoiler

  1. Maximum capacity: 3Ton
  2. Minimum Inner Diameter: 508mm
  3. Maximum  Outer Diameter: 1500mm
  4. Motor Power: 3KW

7-Roller Leveling

  1. Leveling roller: Upper 3,underneath 4 (totally 7 rollers)
  2. Diameter of leveling shaft: ¢80mm
  3. Leveling Power: 3KW
  4. Manual adjust, photo for reference only

Servo Feeder and Punch Press

  1. Feeding type: Servo feeding
  2. Width of the material: 0-200mm
  3. Thickness of the material: 0-3.2mm
  4. Feeding Power: 3KW
  5. Feeding line height: 70-140mm
  6. Max line speed: 200m/min
  7. Model: APA-110
  8. Capacity: 110 Ton
  9. Stroke per minute : 60-90 s.p.m, and 50 s.p.m fixed
  10. Stroke: 80
  11. Die height: 410mm
  12. Slide adjustment: 80mm
  13. Main motor: 11KW*4
  14. Bolster area: 1150mm*600*110
  15. Die cushion capacity: 6.3 Ton
  16. Die cushion Stroke: 80mm
  17. Upper platform: 650*470*80
  18. Bottom platform: 900*600*110

Cable Tray Machine Mill

  1. Forming Thickness: 1.0-2.5mm
  2. Roll Forming Speed: 10-15m/min
  3. Machine base adopt H Steel, welded, adopt iron cast pillar as the machine stands
  4. Rollers Material: GCR15, quenched and tempered
  5. Shaft Material: ASTM 1045, tempered, 75mm diameter
  6. Motor Power of cable tray roll former : 15KW
  7. Cable Tray Roll Forming Stands: 22 stands
  8. Width Adjustment: PLC controlled automatically adjustment.
  9. Drive type: By Chain or Gear Box

Hydraulic Cutting And Hydraulic Station

  1. Cutting Type:Tracking hydraulic cutting. The machine will not stop while cutting.
  2. Cutting Blade Material: Cr12Mov, Quench treatment, HRC58-62
  3. Hydraulic Station Power: 15KW

PLC Control System 

  1.  Adopts PLC control technology, frequency adjust speed technology, realize the automatic production.
  2. The worker can set the batches, length, quantity on the touch screen, then the cable tray roll forming machine will work automatically.
  3. Operation type: Touching screen and Button
  4.  Using encoder to calculate the number and measuring the length
  5. Electrical control: PLC frequency control system with touch screen
  6. PLC: Panasonic Brand or Siemens
  7. Encoder: Omron Brand
  8. Touch Screen: MCGS or Siemens
  9. Inverter: Yaskawa
  10. Adopt aviation plug for easy connect the wiring

Believe Industry have a full range of  roll forming machine for cable tray system:

  1. Solid bottom cable tray,
  2. Ventilated cable tray
  3. Ladder Tray
  4. Cable tray cover
  5. Channel cable tray.

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