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Bemo Sheet Roll Forming Machine is for produce Bemo Sheets with various width and multiple shapes. Which is also named as Standing Seaming Roll Forming Machine.

Bemo Sheet Roll Forming Machine

What’s BEMO Sheet?

BEMO Sheet, one kind of Standing Seam Sheets, was developed by BEMO company. And the material of the bemo sheets used as below:

  • Aluminium Alloys, full recyclable, can be formed safely and are resistant to corrosion
  • Cold Roll Steel, which is an economical alternative that provides lower liner expansion.
  • Stainless Steel, much more safety in aggressive ambient atmospheres.
  • Copper, long time use and ability to be recycled. and captivating appearance
  • Titanium Zinc, specific self-reparing effect when damaged.

Multiple Shapes of Bemo Sheet

The Bemo Sheet Standing Seam Profile can realise almost all building shaper of modern architecture. Believe Industry Company have several types of bemo sheet roll forming machines for different requirements.

Bemo sheet
Believe Industry Bemo Sheet Roll Forming Machine can produce multiple shapes of Bemo Sheet

Different appearance of Bemo Sheets

Curved Bemo Sheets
Curved Bemo Sheets are for different requirements in building design. full customized and automatically.

Details of Bemo Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Suitable Coil Material

  1. Profile Width: 305 mm, 333 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm
  2. Material and Thickness(mm): Aluminium, 0.8-1.2; Steel, 0.6-0.75; Stainless Steel, 0.5-0.7; Copper, 0.8-1.0; Tiannium Zinc, 0.7-1.0.
  3. The bemo sheet roll former is able to produce different width of bemo sheets with quick changeover time.

Bomo Sheet Machine Components

  1. Uncoiler, 5 Ton Capacity.
  2. Roll Forming Mill, with tapered roll forming mill
  3. Cutoff System
  4. Hydraulic System
  5. Controlled System
  6. Curving Machine, Convex, Concave or “S” Curving
  7. Automatic or Manual Seamer

Detailed Parameters of Bemo Sheeting Machine

  • Rolling Speed: 15-20 m/min
  • Forming Roller Stands: 18-24
  • Rollers Material: ASTM 1045, quenched and tempered, chromed 0.05mm thickness
  • Axis Material: ASTM 1045 Carbon Steel, quenched
  • Spacer Material:ASTM 1045, 15mm thickness, chromed
  • Motor Power: 7.5KW
  • Cutoff Blade: CR12, quenched and heat treatment
  • Panasonic PLC, Yaskawa Inverter, MCGS Touch Screen, Omron Encoder and Limit Switch
  • Voltage: Customized, and usual 380 V, 50 HZ, 3 Phase
  • All the driven parts of bemo sheet machine will be covered with safety net.

Believe Industry Company(BELI®) also have another roll forming machines for Roof Ridge Cap, Metal Roof Tile, IBR Sheets and Corrugated Sheets  for Steel Buildings. And also for Downspout and Gutter System. Contact us for more information.

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