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Hydroponic Hanging Gutter Roll Former

Hydroponic Hanging Gutter Roll Former is designed to manufacture suspended gutters for hydroponic growing with recirculation in the farm and customizable to the measure of each farm in length. And makes it easier to install and transport to the greenhouse and reduces storage and logistics problems.

Our new design hanging gutter roll forming machine is especially suitable for large greenhouses that require hydroponic growing systems. It stands out for an in situ installation in one piece, without joints or intermediate connections.

sHydroponic Hanging Gutter

Hanging Gutter Details

Specifications of the flat top gutters

  1. Gutter Width: 210-310 mm
  2. Gutter Height: 100 mm
  3. Drain Channels depth: 40 mm
  4. Drain Channels Width: 32 mm
  5. Coil Thickness: 0.6-0.8 mm
  6. Coil Width: As per width of the gutters

Specifications of the Strawberry Gutter

  1. Gutter Width: 250 mm
  2. Height: 100 mm
  3. Coil Width: As per dimensions of the gutter

Hydroponic Hanging Gutter Roll Former Specifications

Gutter Machine details

  1. Machine Length: 3500 mm -4000 mm
  2. Machine Width: 2000 mm
  3. Machine Weight: 8500 KGS
  4. Weight of rafted mill for Strawberry Gutter: 3000 KGS
  5. It’s required manual adjust the spaces and replace the cutting blade for different width of Flat Top Gutter
  6. It’s required to replace the roll forming mills for different gutter
  7. All the 2 sets of rafted mills are mounted on caterpillar device


  • The Decoiler is mounted upon the roll forming mills
  • Hydraulic loosening and tensioning the mandrel.
  • Inner diameter of the coil is 460-550 mm
  • Loading Capacity: 4000 KGS

Main Roll Forming Part

  1. Rafted Mill design for easy replace all the rollers for different products
  2. Motor Power: 7.5 KW
  3. Forming Stations: 7-9 groups of rollers, axes, nuts, Chain -Sprocket, etc.
  4. Roller Material: 42CR, and surface chromed 0.05mm.
  5. Shaft: 75 mm diameter, 40 CR, HB 220-260.
  6. Roll Forming Speed: 20 m/min

Hydraulic Cutting

  1. Cutting Position: After Roll Forming
  2. Cutting Blade Material: CR12MOV


  1. The Controlled Box is mounted on the frame
  2. PLC Brand: Siemens
  3. Inverter Brand: Yaskawa
  4. Encoder Brand: Omron
  5. Tolerance: +/- 5mm for every 100 meters
  6. External remote control: Wireless remote control (The caterpillar device turns left and right, backward or forward, rotate at will 360 degrees, and the machine rollers manually forward and backward)

Hydraulic System

  1. Motor Power: 11 KW
  2. Hydraulic Pressure: 20 Mpa
  3. Oil Volume of the hydraulic station: 300 L
  4. Hydraulic System Brand: Beijing Huade

Caterpillar Device

  1. Driven Power Supply: Hydraulic Motor
  2. Rotation Angle: 360 degree
Caterpillar Device 1
Caterpillar Device 2
greenhouse hanging gutter roll forming machines

Believe Industry Company also accept cutomized profile and will design the greenhouse gutter machine as per requirements. We are offering one-stop solution for Greenhouse Gutter Industrial. Whatsapp us or contact us for more details.

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