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Why Roll Forming Machine

    Reducing Manufacturing Cost

    Steel Profiles manufactured with roll forming lines usually cost less than those made by other methods. Incorporating other operations in the line, such as punching, notching, embossing, welding, adhesive bonding, painting, packaging, and others can urtherreduce the total manufacturing cost. The elimination of the material handling and inventory between different operations are additional contributors to the production cost reduction.

    Enlarging Pdocution Capacity.

    The most economical method to manufacture the products is using roll forming machine instead of bending, pressing, welding, etc. In the meantime, Roll Forming Machine can be justifified with the reduction of labor and material cost.

    Producing A New Product

    To produce steel profiles, press brake or punch press forming or extrusion are available. but the product volume is high enough to justify roll forming.

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