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Heavy Gauge CTL Line is for cut 3.2mm -15mm thickness carbon steel coils into sheets. which coil weight is up to 25 Ton.

Heavy Gauge CTL Line

Work Flow and Layout of Cut-To-Length Line

work flow of cut-to-length line

Heavy Gauge CTL Line  Parameters

Specifications Material carbon steel plate
Thickness 3.2mm—15mm
Width 600mm—1600mm
Coil plate I.D. Φ500mm—φ800mm
Coil plate O.D. φ1000mm—φ2100mm
Max. weight 25T
Finish product’s specification Gauge length for cutting 500mm—12000mm
Cutting presicion:

Length tolerance

Diagonal tolerance




in accordance with GB/T709-88 stipulation

Leveling speed(by 8m plate) 0—26m/min
Max thickness 15mm
Line elevation 1000mm

Cut To Length Line Components and Main Specifications

V-shape coil saddle

It is for discharging coil strips. And it could prevent coil car from damaging when directly suspended the coil plate on it.

Hydraulic Coil Car

It is for loading and lifting the coil strip to uncoiler for charging. Supporting wheel motor is to cooperate with uncoiler when guiding head. The Heavy Gauge CTL line is always use 25-35 Ton capacity coil car for enhance the production capacity.

Hydraulic Conical Uncoiler

Two set of uncoiler will centrally clamp the coil strip while lifted by hydraulic charging car, at the moment of coil strip core centering to uncoiler core. Centering discharging oil cylinder could work individually or synchronously for coiling. When there is a divergence of coil center and the product line center, the machine could synchronous load the strip for coiling by left or right centering. While uncoiling, the brake will be loosen and match with pressing and guiding wheel speed as stated which could increase power of uncoiling. Leveling stopped, brake begins braking.

Hydraulic Pressing and Guiding, Hydraulic Shovel-Head device, Pinch and Pre-leveler

Loading on uncoiler, the coil plate will compacted by pressing and guiding arm, then cut the bale strap. By the rotation of electric pressing and guiding wheel, the plate head and hydraulic shovel head will stretch out. And the balanced oil cylinder will adjust the height of shovel-head which will inserted in slot(under plate head). Connect and spread the plate head. Hydraulic coil opener will up and down pressing it several times to make it entering into hydraulic pinch device smoothly.

Hydraulic Pressing and Guiding Device

This is composed of hydraulic pressing and guiding arm, pressing and guiding wheel(cover by rubber), sprocket wheel, chain, hydraulic coil opener, oil hydraulic motor, etc.

Hydraulic Shovel Head Device

This is composed of hydraulic shovel plate contraction device, hydraulic balancing device, shovel protection cover, etc.

Hydraulic Pinch Device and Pre-leveler

It is composed of slide, 2 pinch rollers, hydraulic pinch device, 2 pre-leveling roller, hydraulic pre-leveler, etc.

Transitional Work Table

It is for delivering plates. It takes advantage of the frictions between rollaway nest baffle and work table to protect plates.

Hydraulic guiding device

Its function is to centering the pinched and pre-flattened plate to the axis of  machine, in order to prevent the plates from shifting.

Leveling Machine

It adopted power distributing case, each leveling roller are connected with universal cross coupling, up-and-down leveling roller are both active, linear speed is consistence, so the frictions between roller surface and plate will decrease, which could prompt leveling efficiency.

There are two sets of roller bearing on both sides of leveling axle, one set of plane pushing bearing used to decreasing the frictions and prevent axial from liberating, which could prompt efficiency.

Three groups of supporting wheel is installed on the machine in which could adjust up-and down, front-and back sides. It used to support the main roller and increase roller hardness and prompt leveling efficiency. Bearing on supporting wheel is sealed which could prevent oxide slag entering into bearing.

The machine is adopt worm gear and worm rod, large torsion on adjusting bipolar decelerating and pressing, heavy pressing power, it could adjusted individually and synchronously to lifting and pressing down, and set manual micro-adjustment.

Leveling roller is mid frequency induction quenching, deeper level, which could avoid burning the bearing when short of oil and could longer the machine life.

Leveling host machine is adopt centralized oil supply which could operating easily. Major components are vibrating by advanced vibrator in homeland which could demolishing stress and reducing bending. Motor is direct-current speed adjustable motor, accompany of Eurotherm core plate which could reducing lifting and braking time(two thirds brake times shorter than common ones) and prompt leveling efficiency.

Code and gauge (tail plate pinch) device

It adopt encoder of high precision, high sensitivity to enhance the precision of gauge length. Tail plate pinch is delivering the plate out of crosscutting edge by electric pinch which could collected easily.

Shear machine

In order to enhance working efficiency and crosscutting quality, this machine is professionally improved to meet the demand of this line, and made some protection to blades, thus will longer the machine life.

Pendulum pinch device

The Pendulum pneumatic pinch device is to delivering the flattened and gauged plates to unloading car with the increase of plates. Pendulum work table is installed on the line which could move up-and-down with top knife-frame, in order to protect knife edge and plainness of the flattened plates. The work table has a power rollaway nest, high speed pneumatic clamp device is amounted on tail, so as to pinch the plates to unloading car

Unloading car

When cutting plate fall on the unloading car, the stacker device stack till the weight reach certain amount (≤10t), then manual bale after jacking

Hydraulic system of Heavy Gauge CTL Line

Hydraulic system is the most important part of this line, one of power resource.

  1. It is composed of hydraulic station, valve plate, various valve, oil cylinder, connections, soft and hard pipes, etc.
  2. Parameter
Power 11KW
Rated working pressure 16Mpa
Flow rate 40L/min
Common working pressure, ≤ 10Mpa—12Mpa
Oil temperature ﹣5℃—+70℃

Pneumatic system

A.Air Compressor is auxiliary power resource, it composed of valve, air pipe and connections, etc.


Air Compressor pressure 0.9Mpa/m
Common pressure ≤0.8Mpa/m
Dosage 1.5m3/min

Electric system for Heavy Gauge CTL Line

  1. The electric system of leveling &  line is composed of 1 pcs of DC cabinet, 1pcs of host operation panel, 2 pcs of auxiliary operation panel. PLC is in charge of four cabinet’s operation, communication. Contact screen will conduct man-machine interaction(set cutting No. and length ). Movement condition can divided into linkage and man operation which control the movements of each single machine.
  2. DC control system of leveling machine is adopt Eurotherm digital system with its characteristic of quarter operation, high-speed response and good activity, accompany of high precision, high impulse coder(Japan) to effectively control gauge precision and operation speed of plates.
    According to different material and thickness, leveling machine can be controlled by potentiometer to effect stepless speed adjustable.
  3. These three operation panel have emergency terminal button. Pressing anyone, the whole line will terminated for the security of both man and machine.

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