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BELI® have full range of Coil Process Equipment: Slitting Lines, Cut To Length Lines, Blank Lines. And the Cut To Length Line is classified into 3 classes:  Heavy Gauge,  Medium Gauge and  Light Gauge Cut To Length Line. All our lines are customized for different demands

Light Gauge Cut To Length Line

Suitable Coil Material of Light Gauge Cut To Length Line
  1. Coil material: cold roll coils, galvanized coils, stainless steel coils
  2. Strength: δs≤350MPa, δb≤600MPa
  3. Coil thickness: 0.8mm-3mm
  4. Mother Coil width: Max. 1600mm
  5. Coil I.D: 508mm
  6. Coil O.D: Max. 1800mm
  7. Coil weight: 25000kg
Main Technical Parameters of Cut to length line
  1. Line speed: 0-60 m/min
  2. Cutting length: 500-4000 mm
  3. Cutting rate: 15 pieces/min (when cutting length is 2000mm)
  4. Length tolerance: ±0.5 mm (when cutting length is 1000mm)
  5. Diagonal tolerance: ±0.5 mm (when cutting length is 1000mm)
  6. Straightening tolerance: ±1 mm/m2
  7. Total power: about 80 KW
  8. Total weight: about 50 T
  9. Space required: About 20 m×8 m×3 m(L×W×H)
Main Components of the Line:
  1. V-type coil preparing table
  2. Coil loading car
  3. Hydraulic single-arm decoiler
  4. Coil entry leading, shoveling and straightening device
  5. Pinch roll feeding device and 17-roller straightening device
  6. Loop pit bridge table
  7. Guiding device
  8. 9-roller finish straightening device
  9. Hydraulic cutting device
  10. Plate conveying and dropping device
  11. Pneumatic leveling and paralleling device
  12. Hydraulic storage table
  13. Unloading car
  14. Hydraulic system
  15. Pneumatic system
  16. Electric system
  • Q: What information you should know before quote to us?
    A: Material Details: thickness, width, strength. and also the maximum length of the sheet you want to cut.
  • Q: Is it possible to cut the sheet thickness range from 0.2 to 5mm
    A: Better choose 2 straightening device for such thickness range, one is for 0.2-2 mm, anther is for 2-5 mm. cutting is ok, but the flatness degree is also important

BELI® also have series kind of roll forming machines: Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine, Wall Cladding Roll Forming Machine, Steel Door Roll Forming Machine, Purlin Roll Forming Machines, Stud and Track Roll Forming Machine.  and we also accept Customized Profile to Manufacturer Roll Forming Machine.

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