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Cold Roll Forming Line

    A Cold Roll Forming Line, also named cold roll forming machine. Which is consist of Uncoiler, Roll Forming Mill, Cutoff Unit, Controlled Box, etc. Among of them, the roll forming mill is the most important part. And of which a duplex mill is full used in the various width roll forming machine.

    Duplex Mill of Cold Roll Forming Line

    The Duplex Mill can form both edges of the strip, and adjust one or both side in or out to form different width of steel profiles with the limitation of the roll forming mill. The designer should consider the below:

    • The Maximum width of the roller is limited
    • The weight of the roller(away from the bearings) may bend of the shaft
    • The forming part should be on the side, not in the middle of the steel profile
    • Wider profile, require support the middle, and also the rollers
    • To avoid draws on the profile, the end of the rollers should not have sharp corners
    • Additional guides required between the roll stands, especially at the entry and exit.
    • While form short and narrow sheet, a proper guilder is required. And normally, the shortest profile’s length should not less than the length of the 2 roll stands. This will ensure the product is engaged in at least in 2 stands and easy to come out from the mill.
    • If the width and length of the sheets(before roll forming) is similar, or length is shorter than width. An additional unit is require to avoid ” skewing”
    • Limitation of the distance between 2 roll stands, will make the installation and adjustment of the side rolls be difficult.
    • The duplex roll forming mill should have more limit switches to determine the narrowest and widest product.
    • The top and bottom rollers should be easy to replace and adjust to suit different width and sections

    Believe Industry Company is engaged in design and manufacturer roll forming machines as per requirements. We adopt Copra software to design the machine and our experienced designer can solve the most issues meet.

    Contact us for more information of Roll Forming Machine.

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