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What Is Portable Roll Forming Machine? Advantage and Disadvantage?

    What is portable roll forming machine?

    Portable Roll Forming Machine is a a specific design of roll forming machine which just on a condensed level and takes everything a typical rollformer does. But just pack it into a smaller size so it can be transported easily.

    The portable roll former is similar but not same to an in-plant machine:

    1. The coils get fed into the machine from a decoiler. Portable machine always use a lower capacity uncoiler, but in-plant machine use large capacity decoiler.
    2. Portable machine is smaller for easy transportation. So it will reduce some rollers, moulds.
    3. Portable always use a very simple cutoff device.

    How to make a roll former ” Portable”?

    Not only the roll former is smaller, but also other distinguishing characteristics make a roll former portable, such as:

    1. The roll former mounted on a trailer
    2. Portable rollformer allows contractors to take their machines directly to the job site.
    3. All the machine components will be mounted together
    4. A electric generator for enlarge the possibility in a non-power supply site.

    Advantage and Disadvantage of Portable Roll Forming Machine


    1. Poratble, the machine can be taken to any job site
    2. Save Time, you can produce any length of the product in the job site, not need prepare a schedule.
    3. No need transportation of sheets, all the sheets will be produced in the assembled site. and assemble directly.
    4. Machine accessibility & versatility: With the proper lifting mechanism, portable machines can be lifted to the height of a structure’s roof if desired.
    5. Continuous work, the installers can continuously assemble the panels without stopping due to the sheets is produced on-site.


    1. Profile restrictions: The portable machine have a width of maximum of 600mm.
    2. Machine speed: The speed is maximum 8m/min, while a in-plant machine can be up to 40m/min.
    3. Maintenance: The construction side is full of dust and moisture, so it require regular maintenance.

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