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How Roll Forming Machine Work

A roll forming machine roll forming the metals at room temperature using a number of roll stands where fixed rollers both guide the metal and make the necessary roll forming. As the strip of metal goes through the roll forming machines, each set of rollers roll forming the metal a little more than the previous station of rollers.

This progressive method of roll forming metal to  ensure that the correct cross-sectional profile is achieved. While maintaining the cross-sectional area of the work piece. Typically operating at speeds between 12-40 per minute, roll forming machines are a good choice for manufacturing large quantities of parts or very long pieces.
Roll Forming Machines Components

The  roll forming machine is a line that include four major parts. The first part is the load section(Uncoiler), where to load the coil material and the load capacity is 1- 15Ton. The next part, the roll forming mill , is where the actual roll forming takes place, where the stations are located, and where the metal shapes as it makes its way through the process. The roll  forming machines mill not only station rollers shape the metal, but also include the main driving force of the machine. The next part of  roll forming machines is the cutting device , where the metal is cut to a pre-determined length.The final part is the collection table, where the product exits the machine onto a roller conveyor or table, and manually move out

Roll Forming Machines Tolerances

Dimensional variation of a part created through roll forming is based on the type of materials used, the roll forming mills, and the actual application. Tolerances can be influenced by varying metal thickness or width, material springback during production, the quality and wears of the roll forming tooling, actual machine condition, and the experience class of the operators.

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