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Cut to length line

Heavy Gauge CTL Line is for cut 3.2mm -15mm thickness carbon steel coils into sheets. which coil weight is up to 25 Ton.Read More »HEAVY GAUGE CTL LINE

BELI® Cut To Length Lines(One of coil process equipment) is  used to cut the straightening metal strip into metal sheet and stack it automatically,Read More »CUT TO LENGTH LINE

Sheets of cut to length line

Cut To Length Line

    Believe Industry Cut to Length Line(CTL Line) incorporate latest control technology ensuring the highest level of consistency to meet the demands of today’s work place.  we also have another coil process equipment, like slitting line, blank lines.

    BELI®  lines are custom designed to specific individual needs, whether processing thin gauge surface sensitive aluminium alloys or hot rolled high tensile steel, Believe Industry  has the solution.Read More »Cut To Length Line


    If you are looking for a suitable coil process equipment, such as Slitting Line, Cut To Length Line, or just a new leveler or slitters, or just want to replace some old requirements, BELI® has your solution. we are the leading manufacturer of Slitting Lines, Cut To Length Lines, etc in China, and our equipments are reliable and durable . It is designed for long time use, and (Believe Industry BELI®) is engaged with “ONE STOP AFTER SALE SERVICE” for the whole life of the machine for free. We have compete equipments of Uncoilers, Entry Equipments, Leveler Machines, Mechanical Shears, Slitters, Rewinders, And also Roll Forming Machines, Punch Press.


    You will find the suitable a Coil Process Equipment from Below

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