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side by side roll forming mill2


    Similar to Double-High Mills, Side-by-Side Mills are widely used in Roll Forming Line Manufacturers. Mount more than one set of tooling on the mill shaft can further reduce the tool changeover time. The simplest arrangement for the narrow sections is to install two sets of rollers on the  common shafts. Commonly use one uncoiler, one pre-punch device (if required), and one cutting device are in line with one set of rollers . When to change the profile.  Only need change the coil strips, and then input into another side.  The complete changeover takes less than 2 min. two, three, or more pairs of rollers  mounted in one mill shaft. Read More »SIDE-BY-SIDE MILL

    Rafted mills of Cold Roll Forming Machine


      Why A Cold Roll Forming Machine Supplier Choose Rafted Mills

      The development of rafted mills was a major breakthrough in reducing rollers change time from 8 hr to 45 min. As a Cold Roll Forming Machine Supplier, BELI ® have different types of RAFTED MILLS for different demands. Considering the plant limited, budget, special line, etc. The mill has a  common bed on which locate the drive and the interchangeable place plates. The plates are holding four to eight or more stands.  The lifting capacity (crane) at the user’s plant usually limit the number of stands on a plate.Read More »RAFTED MILL

      double layer roll forming machine

      Standard Mills and Double High Mills


        The shafts of the standard mills are supported at both ends. This design enables building and use of the mills for materials with any width and thickness.T herefore, standard mills are the most popular machines used to roll forming metals profiles. Believe Industry Company  a professional roll forming equipment manufacturer in China and our team design and manufacturer  customized profile roll forming equipment as per requirements.

        In most cases, the drive-side  stand holds the shafts in position and accommodates the drive.The operator side stand supports the other end of the shafts. This stand is removable to facilitate roller changes. The technician fasten both the operators and drive-side stands to a common base.Read More »Standard Mills and Double High Mills

        change mills

        Duplex Mills

          BELI® also have another roll forming mills, Duplex Mill. which is widely used in Steel Profile Roll Forming Machine. Steel Door Panel Roll Forming Machine, Panel Roll Forming Machine, Sandwich Panel production Line. Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine,  C Purlin Roll Forming Machine, U Purlin Roll Forming Machine, C and Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine, etc. Read More »Duplex Mills

          roll forming line

          Cantilevered Mill

            Roll Forming Mill, the main part of roll forming line.  This post, i will introduce one lind of Cold roll forming mill type: Cantilevered mill. Which is a very simple roll forming mill type.  manual or economical. BELI® is a Roll Forming Line Factory and coil  process equipment factory in Wuxi, China.Read More »Cantilevered Mill

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