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Cable Tray Manufacturing Machine

    Cable Tray Manufacturing Machine is for producing cable trays from galvanized steel or stainless steel. Read More.

    Cable Tray Manufacturing Machine

    What is a cable tray?

    Cable Tray is a bridge that allows safe transport of wires across open spans and protect against the over heating and fire buildup problems. There is a cable management system is available in various sizes and styles. Which is easy to enter or exit th new or existing wires in the cable tray.

    cable trays production line

    Cable Tray is a type of material that is for holding the cables and wires safely inside the building. And therefore, mostly used in the construction sites. It is a cost-effective solution that lifts the load of handling the web of wires. It even minimizes any damage to them because of their user-friendly design. Moreover, it is also recognized as a time-saving method as you can easily install it and it hardly takes a few minutes.

    The Layout of Cable Tray Manufacturing Machine

    All as we know that, cable trays are perforated and bended into a C type. So the cable tray manufacturing machine is consist of a punch press or rotary punch for punching holes, and a roll forming machine for bending.

    Cable tray roll forming machine layout
    Uncoiling– Leveling– Servo Feeding– Punching– Roll Forming– Cutting Off

    Brief information of Cable Tray Machine

    Considering the various sizes of cable tray, the roll forming machine is designed in a quick interchangeable type. which can adjust the web and flange sizes automatically. The web size is from 100-600mm while flange is 50-200mm. Believe Industry Company cable tray manufacturing machine also accept customzized requirements. Contact us for more information.

    1. Material Thickness: 0.8-1.5mm
    2. Coil Width: 200-800mm
    3. Motor Power: 22KW
    4. Motor Brands: Siemens or ABB
    5. Machine Stands: Iron Cast Pillar
    6. Shaft Diameter: 80mm
    7. Punch Press Capacity: 110 Ton
    8. Roll Forming Speed: 15m/min
    9. Siemens PLC and Touch Screen.

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