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Highway Guardrail

    Highway guardrail, considered as a passive barrier, is widely installed to keep the vehicles running inside of road. When inevitable collision occurred, highway guardrails can effectively decelerate the speed of errant vehicles and redirect them back to the road by controlling the exit angles. Additionally, it also makes the highway apparent to avoid running animals to stray into the roads.

    Believe Industry Company have a full range of Roll Forming Machines for Guardrail System:

    1. Roll Forming Machine for W Beam Guardrail
    2. Roll Forming Machine for Thrim Beam Guardrail
    3. Roll Forming Machine for Sigma Beam Guardrail
    4. Roll Forming Machine for Posts.

    We also have interchangeable roll forming machine for both W beam guardrails and Thrim Guardrails. Contact us for more details.

    Working Video of Guardrail Machine

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