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Upright Post Roll Forming Machine

Upright Post Roll Forming Machine is for producing upright post as per requirement

upright post roll forming machine

Upright Post Machine Components

  1. Uncoiler
  2. Levrling Machine
  3. Servo Feeder and Punch Press
  4. Quick replace punch die device
  5. Adjustable Roll Forming Machine
  6. Servo Tracking Cutting Device
  7. Collection Table
  8. Hydraulic Station
  9. Controller Panel

Technical Parameters of Post Machine

  1. Line Speed: 10-15m/min
  2. Uncoiler Capacity: 5 Ton
  3. Punch Press Capacity: 110 Ton
  4. Roll Forming Stands: 18-22
  5. Motor Power: 18.5KW x 2
  6. Roller Material: CR12 MOV, HRD 58-62 degree
  7. Shaft: 75mm diameter, 40CR
  8. Hydraulic Motor Power: 5.5 KW
  9. Servo Track Motor Power: 3 KW

Upright Column Roll Forming Machine Layout

upright rack roll forming machine layout

Believe Industry Company have one-stop service for machines for pallet racking system:

  1. Roll Forming Machine for Pallet Racking
  2. Roll Forming Machine for Box Beam, step beam, etc
  3. Roll Forming Machine for Shelf Panels
  4. Roll Forming Machine for Bracing
  5. Beam and Connector Welding Machine
  6. Connector Punching Machine

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