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Heavy Gauge Slitting Line, which is used to slitting the coils/rolls(Thickness is 8-20 mm, width: 600-2600mm, weight is 15-35Ton)  into desired narrow coils/rolls,

Heavy Gauge Slitting Line Details

BELI® is engage in designing and manufacturing full range of Slitting Lines as per demands. We have a professional team with years’ experience.

Types of Heavy Gauge Steel Coil Slitting Line

Model Thickness(mm) Coil Width(mm) Slitting No. Speed(m/min) Coil Weight(ton)
BELI-8*2000 8-10 600-2000 6-10 0-80 15-25
BELI-8*2600 8-12 600-2600 6-10 0-80 15-25
BELI-10*2000 10-15 600-2000 6-10 0-60 15-25
BELI-10*2000 10-18 600-2600 5-8 0-60 20-30
BELI-15*2600 15-20 600-2600 3-6 0-30 25-35

Heavy Gauge Slitting Line Specifications

Tensile Strength δb≤450Mpa,δS≤260Mpa
Coil/Roll  thickness 8-20mm
Steel Coil/Roll  width 600-2600(Max)
Coil/Roll  I.D Φ500-760 mm
Coil/Roll  O.D Φ2600mm(Max)
Steel Coil/Roll Weight 40T(Max)

Slitter parameters

knife pivot diameter Ф360 mm
Knife pivot material 40Cr
Blades specification Φ360mmXφ360mmX20mm
Blade material 6CrW2Si
Slit parameter Max slit quantity 4 pcs (16mm)  8 pcs(8mm)(Customized)
Width precision ≤±0.05mm/2M



Other parameters

Power 380V/50Hz/3Ph(Customized)
Line speed 0-60m/min
Capacity 450 KW
Whole line Dimension 40m(L)X8m(W)
Operator needed 1 mechanical engineer ,4 common workers
Line direction From right to left(Face to machine)
Machine color White grey

Packaging and transportation

BELI® slitting lines all adopt sea shipping, and if no special demands, the lines are all nude while load into the container. The cable wires, accessories are loaded in wooden boxes.

Machine Components of Heavy Gauge Slitting Line

  • 35-40 Ton Capacity Coil Entry Car
  • Dual Hydraulic Uncoiler, 35-40 Ton capacity, hydraulic loosen and move to suitable width to load the coil
  • Pinch Roller and 5 Rollers Leveling Machine
  • Entry Crop Shear to ensure the coils into the slitter smoothly
  • Loop Pit 1
  • Guiding and Centering Device
  • Slitter
  • Loop Pit 2
  • Tension  and Pre-Divide Device, prepare to rewinder.
  • Rewinder, Single arm design, capacity is 40 Ton.
  • Exit Coil Car, 40 Ton capacity, to move out the ready coil strips

We also offer customized light gauge slitting line, medium gauge sliting line for every kind of metal strips and in all required dimensions

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