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Medium Gauge Slitting Line

Medium Gauge Slitting Line, which is used to slitting the coils/rolls(Thickness is 2-8mm, width: 500-2600mm, weight is 15-25 Ton)  into desired narrow coils/rolls,

Medium Gauge Slitting Line

BELI® is one of slitting line manufacturers in Wuxi, China, we have full range of Light Gauge Slitting Lines for different demands. please refer below introductions.

 Medium Gauge Slitting Line types:
Model Thickness(mm) Coil Width(mm) Slitting No. Speed(m/min) Coil Weight(ton)
BELI-2*2000 2-5 500-2000 6-20 0-100 15-25
BELI-2*2600 2-6 500-2600 6-20 0-100 15-25
BELI-3*2000 3-6 600-2000 6-20 0-80 15-25
BELI-3*2600 3-8 600-2600 6-20 0-80 15-25
BELI-4*2000 4-6 600-2000 6-15 0-80 15-30
BELI-4*2600 4-8 600-2600 6-15 0-60 15-30

We also offer customized slitting lines for every kind of metal strip and in all required dimensions, Contact Us now.

Machine Techonology Specifications
Tensile Strength δb≤450Mpa,δS≤260Mpa
Coil/Roll  thickness 2-8mm
Steel Coil/Roll  width 500-2600(Max)
Coil/Roll  I.D Φ500-760 mm
Coil/Roll  O.D Φ2000mm(Max)
Steel Coil/Roll Weight 30T(Max)

Slitter parameters

knife pivot diameter Ф220 mm
Knife pivot material 40Cr
Blades specification Φ220mmXφ360mmX20mm
Blade material 6CrW2Si
Slit parameter Max slit quantity 4 pcs (4mm)  20 pcs(1mm)(Customized
Width precision ≤±0.05mm/2M



Other parameters

Power 380V/50Hz/3Ph(Customized)
Line speed 0-60m/min
Capacity 260 KW
Whole line Dimension 40m(L)X8m(W)
Operator needed 1 mechanical engineer ,2 common workers
Line direction From right to left(Face to machine)
Machine color White grey
Layout of the Medium Gauge Slitting Line

Entry Coil Car→Decoiler →Press and Pinch Device→Hydraulic Head Shear→Looper Pit 1→Side Guide Device→  Slitter→Scrap Winder→Looper Pit  2→Tension Device →Rewinder→Exit Coil Car


Q: What’s the difference of Light Gauge Slitting Line , Medium Slitting Line and heavy gauge slitting line

A: It is obvious that light gauge slitting line is for thin steel coils or rolls. While medium gauge slitting line for middle thick steel coil/roll, and just a classify for easy understand what lines you need. All in all, all lines are customized.

Q: If I want to buy a line to slit 0.2-8mm thickness, is it possible?

A: Possible, but you may need buy 2 slitters, one slitter for 0.2-3. anther slitting for 3-8mm. Which product will be precision.

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