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New Technology Development of Cold Rollforming Machine

    Due to the advantage of lower cost and the products with complex cross section, roll forming products are widely used in automotive, furniture, steel structure, pallet racking system. In recent years, automotive industries have interest in enhancing the lightweight and safety of parts. Rollforming machine process is logical process to be improved as unique advantages of high efficiency and high material utilization. 

    Rollforming Machine Process

    There are five advanced rollforming process: 3D Rollforming, Linear Flow Splitting, Tailor Rollforming, Partially Heated Rollforming and Hot Rollforming. The former three technologies use the characteristics of gradually forming in rollforming process. Which is enrich the section shape if cold rollforming product. The remaining two new rollfoming processes directly change the traditional concept that forming at roll temperature, expand the application range of high strength steel in rollforming process. 

    3D Rollforming Machine Process

    3D Rollforming Process is a new technology which target is lightweight and structural integration. It is based on mechanics, finite element simulation technology and computer control technology. In the 3D rollforming process, each rollforming machine stand require independent motor. And the motor drives the rollers to adjust the position by preprogrammed program

    3d rollforming machine process

    Linear Flow Splitting Process

    Liner Flow Splitting Process is a new technology which roll form splitted products by rollforming machine on a room temperature. During the rollforming process, obtuse splitted rollers and supporting rollers increase the side surface area of the product. The high static pressure makes the material forming performance of the local deformation zone improve during the deformation process. 

    Tailor Rollforming Machine Process

    Tailor rollforming process

    Tailor Rollforming Machine Process is also a new technology which form equal-thickness sheets into non-equal thickness sheets. The size of these non-equal thickness sheets is determined by the force optimization. In addition to the advantages of equal-thickness sheets to optimize the force, the constant-thickness plates also have the advantage of being able to produce high-performance products, such as stamping, bending, and hot stamping,

    sample application with tailor rollforming machine process

    Partially Heated Rollforming Process

    Partially Heated Rollforming Process

    The Partially heated rollforming is a new type of rollforming machine technology. For the purpose of heating the metal sheet to a certain temperature to reduce the strength of the material and improve the plasticity of the metal. Using an economical method to heat the formed region of the sheet, reduce the influence of increasing in the strength of steel. Thereby improving the plasticity of the material. And finally get smaller radius product and make the rollformed product diversified.

    heat rollers

    Hot Rollforming Machine Process

    The Hot Rollforming Machine Process is a new technology which integrate roll forming and quenching process. The steel sheet will be heated into an austerity state before roll forming. And quenched after roll forming to martensite. The main process are: uncoiling, heating, roll forming, cooling.

    hot roll forming process

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