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Roll Former Machine Trobleshooting and Trouble Prevention

    From this post, you will know what the troubles of operating the roll former machine you will meet, and how to preventing the troubles.

    Roll Former Machine Troubleshooting and Trouble Prevention

    [sta_anchor id=”troubles”]The Root of Troubles[/sta_anchor]

    To highly efficiently produce the right quality and quantity of steel profiles, the factory much have:

    • Good design of the roll former
    • Choose right material
    • The right roll forming equipment. tooling, and work environment
    • Factory have  skilled worker

    It is difficult to expect a factory can meet all the four conditions all the time. However, the lack of one or more of the above conditions may lead to problems and the factory won’t able to produce the right quality and quantity of products in time.

    [sta_anchor id=”designanddrawings”]Problems Created by Design and Drawings[/sta_anchor]

    Most of the problems related to the machine design, dimensioning, and the tolerancing of the drawings. During the production, when change the design, drawings, materials or change the toolings. Many problems will comes out:

    • Not following the guidelines when design the roll former machine
    • Accept the orders beyond the capacity of the roll forming machine
    • Form thicker material than the roll formers design. When design the rollers, the designer have considered the maxumum material thickness plus thickness tolerances
    • Too wider material will not fit into the guder, rollers, and the mill
    • Use too thinner material, will not damage the roll former, but will change thr cross-section of the product.
    • Form high strength material, the springback  will be increased. And may damage the equipment
    • Form a smaller-than-recommeded bend radius product may crak the coating.
    • Produce too long or too short product.

    [sta_anchor id=”material”]Problems Created by the Material[/sta_anchor]

    If the factory with good condition roll former machines to form a good quality product. If the material is perfect, even though without adjusting the equipment, all the product will be within the specified tolerances and quality. However, perfect material does not exist. The fluctuation in material thickness, width, mechanical properties will accect the product quality. Butmaterial maybe one of the problems which could actually be originated by the roll formers.

    [sta_anchor id=”equipment”]Problems Caused by the Equipment[/sta_anchor]

    Inevitably, every factory will have problems with its roll former machine. The root of problems can traced to the following:


    1. The Capacity of available roll formers are inadequate for the job. Either the roll formmer is not suitable.
    2. The factorty have not mantained the equipment properly.
    3. Use the roll forming machine beyond its capacity.

    Roll Forming Mill

    1. Misaligned shaft shoulders
    2. Bent shafts
    3. lack of lubrication
    4. Poor design of entry guider
    5. Difficult to adjust the straightener
    6. Poor design of side rollers
    7. Bearing abrasion

    [sta_anchor id=”uncoiler”]Uncoiler[/sta_anchor]

    1. Not in the same line with the roll formers
    2. The mandrel is bent

    [sta_anchor id=”troubleshooting”]Troubleshooting[/sta_anchor]

    It is difficult to find out the exact reason of the product quality problems, because of the many potential contributing cources.

    Please check the troble shootint post for more details.

    [sta_anchor id=”troubleprevention”]Trouble Prevention[/sta_anchor]

    Many roll former machines problems and associated production delays, costly expenses, and arguments can be headed off by trouble planning:

    1. Train the designer or adopt experienced designer’s drawings
    2. Choose the suitable material for your product
    3. Buy a suitable roll forming machine.
    4. Train the operator.

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