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Roller Design: Cold Roll Forming Machines Rollers Design Process

    Cold Roll Forming Machines Rollers are the main parts of a roll forming machine line. All the profiles formed by the rollers.

    Cold Roll Forming Machines Rollers Design Process

    The aim is to form the desired profiles within the specified tolerance, with the least amount of forming steps. Too few forming steps will twist the product. Too many forming steps will make the cold roll forming machines uneconomical.

    cold roll forming machines rollers

    Cold Roll Forming Machines Forming Steps

    The design first need establish the required forming steps and the number of forming steps for each bend. For example, a side lip may need 1 , 2, 3, or more forming steps, and the bending maybe not continuous. For example, a 90 ° lip may be formed in the first 3 forming steps at 30, 60, 90°. And or in the first two steps up to 60°, and the last 30° bend will be formed in the last pass

    Then the designer make a decision of the flow of material. The forming may first bend the middle bead or the edges if the short slip.Forming flow

    Rollers are also expensive. If the designer suggest too many forming steps, then the machine will be uncompetitive. On the other hand, less forming steps may result in costly rollers rework, additional or rollers replacement, high scrap, high assembled time, or having to discard the complete set of rollers. Believe Industry Company combined Copra RM Design Software and experienced designer to design and manufacture the roll forming machine. The machine quality is assured

    Flower Diagram

    Split Flower Diagram

    For example,  while the design the roll forming machine if the designer elected to form the section by starting with the center bead, formed in two passes, followed with the out side lip (three passes) and finally the larger legs in five passes, then the sequence of forming, split for better clarity. If the cross-sections are superimposed onto each other, then a so-called “flower diagram” is created The top, side, and three-dimensional views  can easily be generated by the computer. When the designer is satisfied with the flow of the material, roll design can commence.


    Flower Diagram

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