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Advantages of Bolted Upright Pallet Racking

bolted upright pallet racking

This post we will talk about the advantages of Bolted Upright Pallet Racking. As we know there are 2 designs of pallet rack frames: Bolted upright pallet racking and Welded pallet racking.

But bolted uprights do have several advantages over welded:

  • Less Expensive: While the manufacture of the major components is pretty much the same between welded and bolted uprights, welding adds more labor and thus more cost.
  • Easier to Repair: With bolted frames, you can replace just the damaged column or strut but welded frames require custom repairs or replacement. Additionally, a bolted connection is easy to see, test and replace where a weld covered by paint may or may not be structurally sound after an impact to the upright.
  • Cheaper to Ship: Welded frames take up as much room as needed on the truck while bolted can be shipped knocked-down and assembled at the destination. This can make the difference between one truck or two (or more).
  • More Flexible: If you need a custom height, welded rack can be cut down, but involves cutting out a horizontal and possibly a diagonal brace, cutting down the columns and then re-welding the bracing. There are also limitations on what’s possible. Customizing bolted uprights involves cutting down the columns and adjusting the bracing as the frame is assembled, which is a lot easier and as a result, cheaper too.
  • Better for Seismic Applications: Like the buildings and bridges mentioned above, bolted frames can flex and give when the earth moves, while welded structures are rigid and can break.

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