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What’s Double Layer Machine?

    What Is Double Layer Machine?

    Just as its name implies, the double layer machine has two layers for producing two different profiles of metal sheet. Think about it, you can produce two profiles of trapezoidal sheet in one machine, or produce trapezoidal sheet and corrugated sheet in one machine, or even produce tile profile sheet and IBR sheet in one machine. BELIEVE INDUSTRY can help you make it.

    Why Customer Prefer To Double Layer Machine?

    Today, more and more customers tend to buy a double layer roll forming machine due to its advantages:


    As usual, one single layer roof/wall cladding roll forming machine may cost about USD20,000 while one double layer roll forming machine usually cost USD30,000. Machine upper layer and lower layer share the same machine base, electric motor, hydraulic station, but these will not effect the producing of each other.


    Generally, our machines are 6-8 meters in length. There are also machines  up to 10 meters long or even longer. Some of our customers are small factories with limited flooring area. They take a double layer machine into consideration is just because such a machine can help to solve their trouble in limited factory occupied area and enlarging their production.

    We do not recommend this machine if you need to continuously produce both two profiles of metal sheet. Upper layer and lower layer of the machine share the same electric motor, hydraulic station, which means two layers can not work at the same time.

    Brief Introduction

    Material Information:

    1. Coil Material: GI coils, PPGI coils(as usual, our customers use full hard material, G550)
    2. Material Thickness: 0.3-0.8mm
    3. Material Width: According to specific profile


    Technical Specification:

    1. Forming Speed: 10-15m/min, 3-8m/min for tile profile
    2. Forming Stations: 12-24 stations (according to specific profile)
    3. Diameter of Shafts: 76mm
    4. Material of Shafts: high quality 45# steel
    5. Material of Rollers: Cr40
    6. Transmission: chain-sprocket transmission
    7. Motor Power: 5.5KW/7.5KW for tile profile
    8. Cutting Type: hydraulic cutting, stop-cutting
    9. Material of Cutting Blade: Cr12Mov, quenching and tempering HRC60-62
    10. Hydraulic Power: 4KW

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