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Sheet Metal Roll Forming Machines

    Sheet Metal Roll Forming Machines are  generally used in mass production of equal section parts.

    Sheet Metal Roll Forming Machines

    Function and Usage

    As a result of continuous roll forming with multiple pairs of rollers, the sheet metal roll forming machines can produce many thin, light, rigid and complex section profiles. Such as Roofing Sheets, Cladding Wall Panels, Purlins, Tiles, Floor Decks, Studs and Tracks, etc.

    The process of sequential roll forming, which can be connected with a variety of technological devices, such as flushing, hoisting, reel, welding and so on, resulting in flow operation. So the production efficiency is very high and the cost is low. It is a special processing method widely used and popularized in modern processing products.

    Advantage of Sheet Metal Roll Forming Machines

    Continuous cold roll forming process, the end of the previous roll strip can be connected with  the next coil strip through alignment welding. So that the strips continuously feed into the roll forming mill. This roll forming process is efficient, high-yielding and universal. The main advantages as below:

    1.  low cost of coil and less cutting loss, thus reducing the total cost of materials.
    2. Can produce complicated sections
    3. Production capacity us improved since the process is continuous.

    Sheet Metal Roll Forming Machine Components

    The Roll Forming Machine usually consists of 4 major components. Entry Section, Roll forming mill, Cutoff unit, Exit Unit. And also some auxiliary equipment also include.

    Entry Section

    Only in few roll forming machines fed with precut sheets. In most case, the material is fed into the roll forming machines in coils. The coils are placed on Uncoilers(Decoilers).

    To utilize the potential of a roll forming machine, we should keep the machine running. In other words, minimize the stop-time. A large capacity uncoiler or double head(rotary uncoiler) is required. Or we can use a extra accumulator to storage the coils, but it is very expensive and less use in a roll forming machine.

    Roll Forming Mills

    Roll Forming Mill is the main part of Sheet Metal Roll Forming Machine. We  consider the profile of the steel product to choose a suitable roll forming mill.

    1. Cantilevered Mill, widely used for simple, narrow section.
    2. Duplex Mill, form the both edge of the narrow or wide product. Believe Industry use duplex mill for Door Panel Roll Forming Machine. Stud and Track Roll Forming Machine and Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine. The common point is all the product have various width.
    3. Through Shaft Duplex Mill. Special duplex mill. Upgraded version  of duplex mill. C Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine adopt such mill
    4. Standard Mill. the most used for sheet metal roll forming machines.
    5. Double High Mill. The mill is able to produce 2 different metal sheets with quick changeover time.
    6. Rafted Mill. Special mill, quick changeover time. common bed, drive train, etc
    7. Side by Side Mill. 2 sets of rollers installed on common shafts for narrow profiles. widely used in stud and track roll forming machine.

    Cutoff Unit

    There are several cutting method for sheet metal roll forming machines.

    1. Hydraulic Cutting
    2. Rotary Saw Cutting
    3. Cold Saw Cutting.

    The Cutting Positions can be:

    1. Before roll forming
    2. Between roll forming stands
    3. After Roll Forming

    Exit Unit

    Mostly, the finished product runs out on a steel rollers conveyor table. To reduce the cost of labor, auto stacker is generated.

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