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Slitting Line

Believe Industry Company have a full range of steel slitting machine line for a different requirements. Contact us now for more information.

Steel Slitting Machine Line

What’s Slitting Machine Line?

Slitting is the operation of cutting a wide strip into a number of narrow strips by passing the strip between circular cutters or blades. Slitting lines consist of an uncoiler for holding the wide coil, one or more slitters, and a coiler for simultaneous recoiling of all the slit strips. 

Suitable Coil Material

  1. Stainless Steel Coil
  2. Galvanized Coil
  3. Galvalume Coil
  4. Prepainted Galvanised Steel
  5. Prepainted Galvanlume Steel
  6. Aluminium Coil
  7. Copper coil
  8. Low Carbon Steel Coil
  9. Silicon Steel Coil 

Mother Coil Data

  1. Thickness Range: 0.2-2.0mm
  2. Width: 400-1600mm
  3. Coil Weight: Max 20 Ton
  4. I.D of Coil: 508-610mm
  5. O.D of Coil: Max 2000mm

Son Coil Data

  1. Slitted Width: 20mm Min
  2. Width precision: 0.05mm
  3. Slitting Bur: 0.05mm minimum
  4. Recoiling Looseness: less than 2mm
  5. Slitting Number: 25 Pcs Max

Slitting Line Specifications

Machine Components

  1. Loading Coil Car
  2. Decoiler
  3. Straightener device(optional)
  4. Head Shear /Pinch roll/(optional)/Film Device(optional)
  5. Bridge/Loop pit
  6. Side guide
  7. Slitter
  8. Side Guide & scrap winder
  9. Bridge /Loop pit
  10. Separator &Tension station
  11. Recoiler  and Support Arm
  12. Unloading coil car
  13. Hydraulic system
  14. Pneumatic System
  15. 15.Electronic Controller( PLC  ,Control Table)

Layout of Slitting Line

slitting line

Brief Introduction of Slitting Machine Components

1: Coil Car

Loading coil into decoiler’s arm. moving in rails,  lift  up and down power from cylinder, v type saddle.

2: Hydraulic Decoiler

 Hold coil and open it ,feeding to next step.

  1. Drum up shrink range:  465-30 to 520 mm
  2. Drum increases and the hydraulic cylinder ROBFA – 200 * 100
  3. Spindle is made of 40 cr solid round steel by rough turning, conditioning
Uncoiler and coil car

3: Pinch Roll

The pinch roll is for pinching the head into loop bridge.

4: Loop Bridge 1

Keep enough Coil in pit loop so the line can work well, and make each part’s speed in little difference.

Loop Bridge

5: Main Slitter

Slit the coil sheet into strips. It consists of main steel base, two support stands , slitting shaft, slitting blades and hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulically pushing one stand makes replacing the slitting blades easy and quick.


6: Scrap winder

Scrap winder is a very economical device for slit scraps. There are two types of scrap winder. One is winder set on sides of the conveying table. Another is set on two sides of the line.Separator &Tension station

Scrap Recoiler

7: Separator &Tension station

It include separator shaft and separator disc. And will ensure the strips smoothly going into the tension station. The tension roller press tightly for perfect recoiling


8: Recoiler and Support Arm

Recoiler is consisted of steel base, support arm, recoiling shaft and pressing arm. This press arm shaft assembled with separator discs which hydraulically follow the material during recoiling to ensure the strips recoiling straightly.

Believe Industry Company have a full range of slitting lines for different requirements. Contact us for more inforamtion.

Want to know more information of simple slitting line price. Which line speed is around 20m/min. And which is a good choice for a small business.


Heavy Gauge Slitting Line, which is used to slitting the coils/rolls(Thickness is 8-20 mm, width: 600-2600mm, weight is 15-35Ton)  into desired narrow coils/rolls,Read More »HEAVY GAUGE SLITTING LINE

coil slitting line

China Slitting Line

    Brief Introduction of China Slitting Line

    BELI® is one of China Steel Coil Slitting Line Manufacturer in Shanghai. And the line is a compete line for uncoiling, leveling, slitting, rewinding the big coils/rolls into narrow/specific width rolls or coils.  And the line widespread use  in automobile, electrician, electric power (silicon steel sheet), home appliances and many other industries. The line main include: Uncoiler, Leveler, Slitter, Tensioner, Rewinder, etc.Read More »China Slitting Line

    Medium Gauge Slitting Line, which is used to slitting the coils/rolls(Thickness is 2-8mm, width: 500-2600mm, weight is 15-25 Ton)  into desired narrow coils/rolls,Read More »MEDIUM GAUGE SLITTING LINE

    Light Gauge Slitting Line, which is used to slitting the coils/rolls(Thickness is 0.2-4mm, width: 500-2000mm, weight is 55-25 Ton)  into desired narrow coils/rolls,Read More »LIGHT GAUGE SLITTING LINE


    If you are looking for a suitable coil process equipment, such as Slitting Line, Cut To Length Line, or just a new leveler or slitters, or just want to replace some old requirements, BELI® has your solution. we are the leading manufacturer of Slitting Lines, Cut To Length Lines, etc in China, and our equipments are reliable and durable . It is designed for long time use, and (Believe Industry BELI®) is engaged with “ONE STOP AFTER SALE SERVICE” for the whole life of the machine for free. We have compete equipments of Uncoilers, Entry Equipments, Leveler Machines, Mechanical Shears, Slitters, Rewinders, And also Roll Forming Machines, Punch Press.


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